Mineral Resources Chemical

Committed to development and sustainability through mineral resources and chemical products business portfolio.

Trading Investment


Top quality metal products delivered on customers’s requirement through solid worldwide business network.


Environment & Infrastructure

Fostering a clean future by providing renewable energy and resource-savings projects solutions.


Transportation & Construction Systems

We provide a wide range of solutions for transportation and construction business.



We provide a wide range of industrial chemicals products, from inorganic compounds to plastics and polymers.


Lifestyle Related Goods & Services

Value chain Food, Forestry and Construction products to supply customers worldwide.

Trading Investment

Trading & Business Solutions

Sumitomo’s unique global network is the key asset for our customers, providing business opportunities while supporting their operations through expert capabilities in trade, logistics and finance solutions.


Our company’s long term commitment with own investments makes Sumitomo a trusted partner when developing new projects and joining strengths in industries such as mining, power generation and infrastructure among others.

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